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Building the Michigan dream today

Gretchen is building a dream of vibrant communities, world-class public schools, and Michigan businesses offering great jobs to Michigan talent

Tackling local and state wide issues

Gretchen believes in giving a voice to all the people of Michigan with a focus on education, working families, and our natural resources.


Gretchen Driskell was elected as State Representative in the 52nd House District of Michigan in November of 2012. She sits on the Agriculture, Elections, and Communications and Technology Committees in the Michigan House of Representatives. After building a successful career as a Certified Public Accountant, Gretchen moved to Saline in 1988, where she immediately…

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    When Michigan workers needed Tim Walberg he did nothing, zip, because Walberg didn’t oppose a single trade deal in Congress. ZERO. It’s true- “trade deal Tim” voted yes on every single trade deal. Gretchen Driskell will have one priority… protecting and growing jobs right here in Michigan.