Why I'm Running

I’m running for Congress because people here in Michigan think Washington is broken. We need someone who will work for us. Here in Michigan we have been sending the same representatives to Congress and things are getting worse for most people in our community. After 27 years in office, Congressman Walberg is part of the problem. He spends his time playing political games and bickering, not working to solve our problems.

As a nonpartisan mayor, I had to balance the budget, make tough decisions, and deliver results for people in our community. I didn’t know people’s political party, nor did I care. We just got things done together. If elected to Congress I will bring that same leadership to Washington and start getting things done for all of us, here in Michigan.

We need to get to work creating jobs that pay a decent wage in the town that we grew up in, ensuring accessible and affordable healthcare, lowering the outrageous cost of prescription drugs, and creating a secure and dignified retirement for those who have worked for it. In Michigan we created the modern factory and put the world on wheels, in shops large and small.

Over the years, times have gotten a bit harder for us and when we needed Washington most, they have been asleep at the wheel. We need Washington to help us start building again, but we can’t hope to change Washington unless we change the people we send there.

Let’s get to work,

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